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In 2022, I completed a 6-week University of Glasgow -Smithsonian institute knowledge exchange research visit at the Smithsonian Marine Station, Fort Pierce [], where I learned how to set up and maintain their 24-tank mesocosm system to run experiments on ocean deoxygenation. The system has 24 individual closed system tanks, each one with independent control …

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Tracking Calcification

Coral reefs are built over thousands of years by scleractinian corals which calcify calcium carbonate skeletons. Calcification can be measured through different methods, but one of the least invasive methods is through measuring the chemistry of the water surrounding a calcifying organism or community to detect changes in alkalinity. Calcification in seawater can be detected …

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Reef metabolism

Measuring the metabolism of coral reefs and other ecosystems can give insight into the function and interactive processes taking place. These processes form the basis for carbon cycling in coral reefs. Organic carbon production is achieved via photosynthesis and respiration, while inorganic carbon is locked into the reef matrix through the process of calcification in …

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